Check-In / Check-Out
The Check-in and Check-out time of the hotel is 12.00 Noon. The following retention structure will apply for all Check Ins before 12.00 Noon and check outs after 12.00 Noon.
Early Check Ins (Check – ins before 12.00 Noon)
  • Check – Ins before 0600 Hrs.: 100% of room rate. Check – Ins between 0600 Hrs. and 0800 Hrs.: 50% of room rates.
  • No extra charges for Check Ins after 0800 Hrs subject to availability.
Late check –outs (Check – outs after 12.00 noon)
  • Check outs between 1500 hrs. and 2100 hrs. 50% of room rate and check – outs after.
  • 2100 hrs 100% of room rate.
  • The above retention policy is applicable on the “Contracted Rate” with the company.
Guarantee / Cancellation Policy
All confirmed reservations without a guarantee, would be held until 1800 hrs. on the day of arrival or 4 hrs. after the flight arrival time, whichever is earlier.
  To guarantee a reservation, one night’s room charge (including taxes) should be in advance, in any of the following way.
  • By depositing cash.
  • For companies on the approved credit list of the hotel through a letter on company letterhead.
  • By facsimile authorizing debit to credit card number.
A guaranteed reservation will be held till 12.00 noon of the following day.
Guaranteed reservation may be cancelled up to 24 hrs prior to arrival without any retention charges being applicable.
All bills must be settled either by cash or by Credit card. If the company settles the bill then it must be done within 30 days of receipt of bill.
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